The History of Pizza

Cafe Milano Clearwater Pizza Italian MapRoman soldiers tasted Matzoh (middle eastern unleavened bread) and thought it lacked FOCUS (the Latin word for hearth). So, on the hearth, along with oil, herbs, and cheese… Pizza was born!h
The root word in Latin is PICEA, which describes the blackening of the crust caused by the fire underneath. Pizza bears the mark of many ancient cultures centered around the Mediterranean Sea. Greece, Rome, and Egypt all ate early forms of the flat bred that eventually became pizza.

Italy was the first country to master the “pizza”. Poor housewives had only flour, olive oil, lard, cheese, and herbs with which to feed their families and so combined them in a delicious manner. Being a peasant’s meal, street vendors (typically young boys) walked around the city with small tin stoves on their heads, calling out to attract customers. In 1889, pizzaiolo (pizza chef) Raffaele Esposito of Napoli, created a pizza especially for the visit of the Italian King Umberto and Queen Margherita. The pizza, named “Margherita” after the Queen, was very patriotic and resembled the Italian flag with its colors of red (tomatoes), white (mozzarella cheese), and green (basil). It set the standard by which today’s pizza has evolved.

Cafe Milano Pizza ClearwaterFor centuries in Italy, there has been a time-honored culture of cooking. At Cafe Milano, we believe it’s the only way. Early each morning, we light the fire on our signature brick oven that creates the distinctive flavors you taste in our authentic Italian pizza. Then… we lovingly prepare our food from scratch each day. Cafe Milano’s welcoming environment purposely combines great service and a distinct ambiance that we hope you will want to return to again and again.

Benvenuto e Buon Appetito!

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